Our Commitment to Diversity

HAA welcomes students from 75+ countries, supported by up to two years of visa eligibility, and prepares them for the global community of aviation.

Our 40-Year Reputation

HAA has a 40-year track record of alumni representing our brand in every major airline and helicopter profession around the world.

Our Stunning Location

Our diverse weather conditions and rugged terrain provide the instrument training experience that employers seek out.

Our Culture of Safety

Our IS-BAO III certification signifies the highest safety standards in the industry, with a culture of safety woven into every detail of the program.

Join our global community of aviators.


Personalized Training Focused on Your Future

Our personalized approach to flight training enables us to address each student’s needs, goals, and aspirations. In the classroom, the simulator, and in the air with a variety of weather, flying situations, and terrain - we make your training about you. 

Becoming a professional pilot requires dedication, attention to detail, and support from an entire team dedicated to your success. At Hillsboro Aero Academy, we know how to train pilots to become top-notch aviators ready for any challenge, any industry, and any flying environment.

"I chose Hillsboro Aero Academy because of the diverse weather conditions, which I thought it would be a nice challenge for me. There are so many different students at this school from so many different countries. If you have a question, anyone is willing to help you. It's really welcoming here. That is also why I want to work here as a CFI.”

Kaiting Jan Airplane Student

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